Fun Songs & Rhymes

Engage your kids through music, sounds and rhymes. Our colorful animation videos make learning fun and build the needed confidence to motivate and inspire your kid. Let us raise kids who are not afraid to dream, try new things, or make mistakes because mistakes are a learning process designed to teach. Our characters are diverse to make learning easy and relaxation fun. 

Your little angels are the future; they are smart and more than enough. A spice of music in their journey will help them relax, lively them up, and teach them as well. Music is life and refreshing and can make a huge difference in someone’s life and relaxation.

Enjoy the Sounds of Music in our songs, rhymes, alphabet songs, number songs, rhymes, and lullabies with the whole family. 

Alphabet song by Ivrydbook

I can say my a,b,c's, next time please say them with me.

The more letters and objects children can recognize, the more it will help them develop an outstanding reading achievement. Alphabets help to form the basis of our communication. Therefore, kids must learn the basics to know how words and letters are pronounced. Learning letter names will help kids learn letter sounds, which will benefit their reading skills. It will also help them know how to spell.

Enjoy this phonic song from Ivrydbook designed to help your kids learn the alphabet letter sounds with pictures for each letter.

I see colors everywhere I go, do you? Come on in, it’s time to learn our colors and other fun songs. Have fun watching and please sing along.

The color song


Strawberry video

by Ivrydbook

The Number Song and Many more Rhymes. Have fun watching and learning. 


We all love BINGO the dog, Right?! Time to have fun with BINGO and friends, enjoy and sing along. Have fun watching. 


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