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“Like fiery arrows, fearless and brave, shoot your kids into the sky.” – Ivrydbook

Pre-K Basic Skills. Sight Words. Letter Quiz. Phonics.
A fun and easy way for your kid to learn their ABC’s and 123’s designed with simple alphabet puzzles and numbers to make learning fun to help build a solid foundation for your child’s future.
From time to time we will show case Flashcards to help your kids memorize ABC’s Letter names, shapes, numbers and spelling.We will also future Games like: Drive the ice cream truck, make cupcakes, dunk your basketball, car race, fishing – set the hook, I can play football, cooking practice, trace your letters, numbers and much more.

Fun pages to explore
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Ivry Cuisine

Activity fun books for kids

Click the link below to explore cute and fun activity books for your kids. Also available in stores and online.

Books: My Mobile Pre-k, Number Fun, Number Tracing Fun, and Alphabet Fun.

Alphabet Fun by Ivrydbook

A is for Apron - Ivrydbook

A is for Apple - Ivrydbook

Alphabet fun by Ivrydbook

A for Apron.

Fun Fact about Apron

  • Ancient gods wore aprons
  • Egyptian pharaohs wore aprons 
  • Aprons protect all ages from getting spills and stains on their clothes.
  • Aprons are trendy and come in different styles

B for Banana.

Fun Facts about banana

  • Good source, fiber, vitamin C, and potassium
  • Superfood
  • Can make a great work-out snack
  •  A monkey pills a banana upside down 

C for Carrot.

Fun facts about carrot

  • You can roast, boil, or eat your carrots raw. 
  • Have you ever tried eating carrots with peanuts together? So yummy!
  • Carrots are full of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. 
  • Carrots are crunchy and a perfect snack.

D for Dinosaur. 

Fun Facts about Dinosaurs

  • Dinosaurs are giant strong creatures
  • Dinosaurs walked the earth
  • Dinosaurs are fascinating
  • Some dinosaurs lived as long as 300 years
  • Some modern-day birds evolved from dinosaurs


E for Eagle. 

F for Flower. 

G for Gift.

H for the House.

I for Icecream

J for Jump.

K for King.

L for Lion.

M for Monkey.

N for Nine.

O for Owl.

P for Pineapple.

Q for Queen.

R for Rocket.

S for Seashell.

T for Tortoise.

U for Umbrella.

V for Violin.

W for watermelon.

X for Xylophone.

Y for Yoyo.

Z for Zebra.

Number fun for kids by Ivrydbook

Numbers 1 – 10. Time to say your numbers. 

A for Avocado. Number 10. Ten Avocados

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10

Alphabet Flashcards by Ivrydbook

Alphabet fun by Ivrydbook

A is for Apple

B is for Banana

C is for Carrot

D is for Dinosaur

E for Eagle

F for Flower

G for Gift

H for House

I for Ice cream

J for Jet

K for Kid

L for Lion

M for Mop

N for Nut

O for Owl

P for Pineapple

Q for Queen

R for Rose

S for Sun

T for Tree

U for Unicorn

V for Vegetables

W for Watermelon

X for Xylophone

Y for yoyo

Z for Zebra

Number fun flashcards by Ivrydbook

Numbers 1 – 10 flashcards. 

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10

Numbers 1-10

Numbers 1 - 20

Number 1 - 30

Number Fun-Ivrydbook

Alphabet Fun By Ivrydbook

Number 1 | Boy

Number 2 | Flower

Number 3 | Tortoise

Number 4 | Owl

Number 5 | Trunk

Number 6 | Dig

Number 7 | Unicorn

Number 8 | Sheild

Number 9 | Bread

Number 10 | Backpack

Modern Basic Shape Flash cards| Toddler| Preschool | Homeschool| Classroom by Ivrydbook.

Ivrydbook shape and color flashcards are fun and easy ways to learn, name, and master your shapes. These fun flashcards will teach and help your kids practice, identify and name their shapes at home, in school, or in a group. Your kid will have fun recognizing their colorful shapes. And because practice, like they say, makes perfect, you will be amazed at how easily your little angel will recognize these shapes and colors in no time. So let’s teach our little ones the fundamental abilities and help them build that needed confidence that gets them to the next level.

Shapes for kids

Shapes for kids

Shapes for kids













Ivrydbook animal flashcards for ages four and up, preschool, and kindergarten have a full-color picture of the animals, creating life-long learners. These flashcards will help prepare young children for the next grade level and help your kid identify animals and know their names.

We hope your kid enjoys these colorful cards while learning animal names.

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